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I’m Andrew Lawton, a certified Australian life coach and entrepreneur happily living my best life in New York City. I’m creatively trained, but I’ve also established a number of successful businesses here in the city. I love to coach, love to listen, and I take pride in carefully guiding my clients through challenges professional and personal. When I’m not coaching I direct and produce for Kinetic Studios, an award-winning production company that I formed back in 2008. Kinetic has generated millions in revenue and I’ve directed movie stars and high-powered CEOs alike. In planning for the latter, I’ve certainly come to understand the many ins-and-outs of the corporate world! I moved to NYC for graduate school 20 years ago, fell in love with the city, and decided to call it home. I also fell for the lovely Darcy, a New Yorker I married back in 2016. Today, we have a precious baby boy named Tyler, a Peagle named Clara, and we’re proud to call Battery Park City home. I hold a Diploma in Coaching from NYU, a bachelor’s degree from The University of Melbourne, and a master’s degree from Sarah Lawrence College. I really look forward to meeting you and exploring how I can help.

How I Help

Finding Balance

I’ll help you define what’s truly important so we can organize your life around these priorities in a way that feels balanced and empowering.

Career Compass

When work is no longer fulfilling and something has to change, we’ll define a new path forward and put your career back in your hands. 

Parenting 101

We’ll explore the unique challenges that parenthood presents and work together to establish a balance between work and your all-important home life.

Executive Leadership

Who supports the overworked leader busy supporting everybody else? Together we’ll identify ways to manage stress, streamline your calendar via delegation, and successfully lead your team towards completion of the goals you identify as top priorities.

Relationships & Romance

Choosing who we give our heart to is such an important decision, one that will dramatically impact our future. But to make the right decision, we first have to define in detail the type of person we are seeking. Only then can we start dating with confidence in pursuit of that special someone who will make our toes curl!

New to NYC

As exciting as it is moving to The Big Apple, boy can it be challenging! Together we’ll help you settle in and get you set up for long-term success and happiness in this amazing city.


Andrew is a compassionate listener with a creative, goal-oriented approach to personal growth. His accomplishments in the film and television industry highlight that he has become an expert in integrating his professional successes with very personal artistic expression. I’m always impressed by his ability to navigate immediate obstacles while never losing sight of the bigger picture.

Laura von Holt, Entrepreneur


Andrew Lawton is an insightful and motivating force for professionals seeking to advance their careers in NYC. Andrew built Kinetic Studios, a production company, from the ground up in Manhattan so he understands the challenges that professionals and entrepreneurs face as they strive to survive and thrive. With over a decade of experience producing content for large corporations, Andrew knows how to navigate the challenges of New York’s corporate landscape.

Domenic Romano – Owner, Romano Law

Andrew Lawton is truly one of a kind! His generosity towards those he cares for, warm-hearted spirit, and steadfast dedication and commitment to his work are such unique qualities in today’s world. As an Australian living in New York, he offers his clients a truly unique perspective brimming with Aussie optimism that is nothing short of inspirational!

Mara Hirschfeld, LMFT


● Can we chat before I decide if I want to commit to life coaching?

Yes! I offer an obligation-free, 15-minute phone consultation that allows us to get to know each other so you can decide if I’m the right fit for you. This initial call is important because it allows me to listen carefully as you explain your current situation, your goals, and your reasons for reaching out. I’ll then talk you through how the coaching process works, leaving you to decide in your own time if you’d like to work together.

● What is the minimum time commitment coaching requires?

Life coaching is an empowering and exciting process, but it’s also a commitment!  For you to see truly transformative results, the process cannot be rushed. I can’t stress that enough!  With that in mind, I ask all clients for a three-month minimum commitment that consists of twelve sessions, meeting once-per-week either in-person or via video conference.  Each week’s session is mandatory and, if neither an in-person meeting nor video conference is possible on any given week, connecting via phone is also an option.

● Do you coach in-person or online via video conference?

I’m available for in-person coaching at my office in Lower Manhattan, and am also available via online video conference. I have clients in NYC with whom I meet each week in my office, and also clients in other countries that I help exclusively via video conference. And if neither an in-person meeting nor a video chat is possible in any given week, we will schedule a phone call and carry out our session that way.

● Can I use my health insurance for life coaching?

No, unfortunately, life coaching is not covered by health insurance plans.

● How can life coaching help me?

If you feel frustrated and unfulfilled in your life, but determined to make things better, a life coach is the perfect person to have in your corner. My goal is to help you identify what a happy and fulfilling future looks like, and then to be your champion as you work to make this new life a reality.  Too often, we’re completely alone with our worries and frustrations, and the isolation makes change seem impossible. A life coach becomes your partner in overcoming obstacles by being there to truly listen to you, invest in you, and believe in you!

● How is life coaching different from therapy?

Therapy focuses primarily on exploring pain from your past, whereas life coaching focuses on your future. We look at where you are today, and at what changes you’d like to make in order to have a happier, more rewarding tomorrow. And I’ll be right there with you to help make these goals into your new reality.

● How long are sessions?

Each session is one hour long.

● What are your qualifications?

I hold a bachelor’s degree from the University of Melbourne, a masters degree from Sarah Lawrence College, and I am in the process of completing the NYU Diploma in Coaching.

● What should I expect during our first session?

When we first meet, either in person or via video conference, I’ll explain how sessions are generally structured, and I’ll address all of your initial questions. I’ll then open up the session for you to begin exploring whatever you’re comfortable sharing about your current situation: what’s working, what’s not, and anything in between. We’ll also set a goal for the session, as we will for every session,  and then we’ll work together towards that goal. I’ll have questions along the way, but our session will be structured to provide you with a safe space to be heard.


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